Printing & Artwork Information

To help our customers to get the best product and their artwork correct so as not delay the printing process we have added this page to our site. Artwork sizes, bleeds & trims explaind and templates for all our products for download. If you can't find the information you require call or e-mail us with your question.

What is the file specification I need design to to get my artwork correct?

As a general rule artwork should be 3mm all the way round the final cutting size i.e. if you are designiing a business card your layout should be 91mm x 61mm. Your design will be printed to this size & then trimmed to the finished size of 85mm x 55mm. See the table below with sizes for all products. Cut Size is the finish product dimensions & Bleed size is the size we require for your artwork to allow for trimming.

We recommend you keep all important text and images within 6mm from all edges.

Product Cut Size Bleed Size
Business Card 85mm x 55mm 91mm x 61mm
Letterhead 210 x 297 mm 216 x 303 mm
Compliment Slip 210 x 99 mm 216 x 105 mm
Post Card 148 x 105 mm 154 x 111 mm
DL Leaflet 210 x 99 mm 216 x 105 mm
A3 Leaflet 297 x 420 mm 303 x 426 mm
A4 Leaflet 210 x 297 mm 216 x 303 mm
A5 Leaflet 148 x 210 mm 154 x 216 mm
A6 Leaflet 148 x 105 mm 154 x 111 mm